Cuda Automatic Parts Washers Save Time Cleaning

Cuda parts washers

Automatic Parts Washers provide a much needed solution for technicians in the automotive, trucking manufacturing, hydraulics and many other industries. Like an industrial dish washer, a parts washer cleans engine parts, components and other equipment automatically with a turn of the dial.

By using spraying jets of pressurized hot water combined with biodegradable detergents, part washers clean parts much quicker than hand scrubbing. Technicians perform more “revenue-producing” work while parts are being cleaned automatically. We can show you how a parts washer will pay for itself in no time. Plus, automatic parts washers use no solvents, meaning they are safer for your employees, and you won’t have to pay costly disposal fees.

Front load or top load parts washers
Hotsy Equipment Company provides sales and service for Cuda automatic parts washers. Available in top load and front load styles, with many electrical configurations, all of our cabinet washers are ETL certified for safety. Our cleaning professionals will work with you and your business to determine the best model based on what you are cleaning.

Top load models are compact and take up little room on the shop floor. Front load parts washers are available in many sizes, the largest able to accommodate an entire engine block. Debris screens prevent foreign objects from falling into the reservoir, while an integrated oil skimmer removes oil from the cleaning solution.

Automatic parts washers are available in all of our locations: Lexington, KY; Charleston & Clarksburg, WV; Charlotte & Raleigh, NC; Columbus and Mansfield, OH. Contact us for more detailed information and pricing.