We Have a Wide Selection of Pressure Washer Parts and Accessories

Parts and accessories

When you need a replacement part for your pressure washer, you want to find it fast and in stock. Turn to Hotsy Equipment Co. with locations in Lexington, Charleston, Clarksburg and Charlotte, Mansfield and Columbus. We have thousands of power washer replacement parts in stock, so you can find what you’re looking for to get your equipment running.

As an authorized dealer for Hotsy, Landa and Karcher pressure washers, we stock factory direct parts as well as parts for other brands. Contact us for pricing on the most common replacement parts:

Trigger Guns High-Pressure Hose
Wands & Lances Unloaders
Nozzles High-Pressure Pumps
Hose Reels Electrical Components
Filters Burners
Couplers Gauges
Injectors Engines & Motors
Valves Fittings & Filters

Accessories are designed to speed cleaning
We also carry a number of pressure washer accessories that can significantly improve your productivity. Surface cleaners are among the most popular, and are used to quickly clean flat surfaces. Similar to pushing a lawn mower, surface cleaners attach to a pressure washer and clean sidewalks and driveways with ease and lessen user fatigue.

Another popular pressure washer accessory is the turbo nozzle, which uses a pencil thin rotary spray pattern to clean more aggressively than a typical pressure washer nozzle. Telescoping lances help clean the sides of homes and building without needing to climb up and down a ladder. There are a number of accessories designed to speed up cleaning, which could significantly impact your labor costs.

To learn more about these and other pressure washer parts and accessories, please contact the experts at Hotsy Equipment Co. We’d be happy to provide an on-site demonstration of any accessory item.